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About This Page

This page will tell you which WordPress plugins won’t work with SQLite Integration, and the wordarounds if anything.

As I described in the SQLite Integration, many of the plugins are compatible with SQLite Integration. Most of the plugins that don’t work fine are the ones that don’t use WordPress database access functions but PHP native driver functions. And some of them are the ones that use MySQL extended feature: FULLTEXT index, DELETE with JOIN statement, UPDATE with JOIN statement and so on.

I suggested the workarounds about some plugins and substitutes. But these plugins listed below are NOT my recommendation. Compatibility or Incompatibility only matters. It’s up to you and your needs whether you use them or not.

The descriptions and explanations of the patch files are mostly written in Japanese. English versions are not always available.


I do not provide any warranty of the patch files and the patched plugins. And I won’t be liable to make the patch files up-to-date or compatible with the newest version of the plugins.

Once your plugin patched, it is very likeky that you won’t have support from the plugin author(s). And it would be useless that you should ask about the patched plugin in the support forum, because no one except you ever knows how it works. Take your own risk, please.

See also Term of Use.

Patch Files

Plugin Name Version Link to Patch File Documents(ja) Documents(en)
NewStatPress 0.8.4 newstatpress_0.8.4.patch Not available Not available
NextGEN Gallery 2.0.21 nextgen-gallery_2.0.21.patch Not available Not available
NewStatPress 0.7.1 newstatpress_0.7.1.patch Not available Not available
NewStatPress 0.7.0 newstatpress_0.7.0.patch Not available Not available
Camera slideshow camera-slideshow_1.3.4.3.patch Camera slideshow パッチ・国際化 Camera slideshow patch for SQLite Integration
Google XML Sitemaps 3.4 Google-sitemap-generator_3.4.patch Not available Not available
Google XML Sitemaps 3.3 google-sitemap-generator_3.3.patch Not available Not available
Google XML Sitemaps 3.2.9 google-sitemap-generator_3.2.9.patch Google XML Sitemap(3.2.9)パッチ Google XML Sitemap(3.2.9) patch
Wysija Newsletters 2.5.8 wysija-newsletters_2.5.8.patch Not available Not available
WordPress Popular Posts 2.3.6 wordpress-popular-posts_2.3.6.patch The same as below The same as below
WordPress Popular Posts 2.3.5 wordpress-popular-posts_2.3.5.patch WordPress Popular Posts(ja) WordPress Popular Posts

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