SQLite Integration 1.7 release

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.7 リリース

Things changed

SQLite Integration 1.7 is released. These changes were applied.

  1. WordPress 4.0 installation and compatibility checked.
  2. Added an option for memory usage rate.
  3. When the user set pcre.backtrack_limit to a huge value, it is made use of by the plugin.
  4. Fixed the bug for CREATE TABLE manipulation.
  5. Changed the procedure of BETWEEN comparison of Meta Query.
  6. Fixed the bug for changing order of the attachment files on the visual editor.


There are no drastic changes in WordPress 4.0 but a few in wpdb class, and some functions deprecated. This version follows these changes. If you are using an older version of SQLite Integration with WordPress 4.0, LIKE query might not work properly. I strongly recommend you to upgrade to the latest version. Other changes and fixes are explained below.

When destructor is called, the memory usage rate is more than 90% of the allocated and the option constant SQLITE_MEM_DEBUG is set to true, the plugin can write the information to the file. When debugging, this feature may help you.

When pcre.backtrack_limit is set to a huge value, the plugin will use that value. SQLite Integration will use up to 100 times the default value, which I think is enough. This change comes from the discussion on the forum.

The manipulation of the BETWEEN comparison of Meta Query is a little changed, which will make the excution a little faster. But I’m not sure if it works fine on the safe mode of PHP. This change also come from the discussion on the forum.

When you change the order of the attachment files in the visual editor, it wasn’t saved properly. This bug was fixed. This bug was reported on the Japanese forum.

With the fix above, I added some codes PHP 5.2.x doesn’t execute. If your PHP is version 5.2.x, edit query.class.php a little like below.


My test environment is PHP 5.5, so I can’t test with PHP 5.2.x. I recommend that you should use version 5.3 or above, if you can.

Notices about installation and upgrading

WordPress 4.0 changed the installation process a little. When you install without wp-config.php, the installation will fail. So it is required to prepare wp-config.php from this version of SQLite Integration on.

On the first stage of the installation, you are asked to choose your default language, according to which WordPress downloads appropriate catalog files. At the same time, your chosen language info will be stored in the database. According to this change, they removed the line below from wp-config-sample.php.

If you want to change the site language, you’ve got to visit "Settings » General" and select the dropdown box.

When upgrading, constant WPLANG will be set according to the rules below.

Your site is not multisite, the value of WPLANG is not sotred in the database, the value of WPLANG is defined in wp-config.php, and there’re language catalog file is in wp-content/languages directory, these conditions are all satisfied, then that value will be stored in the database. Or else the value of WPLANG in the database will be empty string.

These conditions and the change of the definition of get_locale() function might cause the different behavior from before. If so, do as the case of new installation.

If you are changing the language dynamically, e.g. according to the browser’s preference, you are required to set the language information like below in wp-config.php.

$locale is set, and you can change the site language. The value of WPLANG constant will not be enough.

About these changes, SQLite Integration does nothing. It will only behave as WordPress commands. Nothing else will be changed after upgrading, I guess.


I owe this release to many users’ feedbacks. I appreciate their contributions.

When you notice malfunctioning or bug, I’ll appreciate receiving your reports or suggestions by the comment in this site or posting to the support forum. Thank you.

One thought on “SQLite Integration 1.7 release

  1. Andy Fuchs

    I’m pretty sure I left a comment already, but it seems I can’t find it anymore – so I try again here. Please forgive me, if the comment is double:

    Hi Charlus,

    thx for this great plugin!

    Unfortunately I immediately ran into an incompatibility 🙁

    For CPT I am using Pods (http://pods.io). If you activate a pod’s ‘Advanced Content Types’, it fails. These ACTs are never written to the database (and no table is created), which is a pity, because PODS and SQLite Integration are a VERY POWERFUL combo.

    Any chance you have a solution for this?




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