SQLite Integration 1.6 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.6 リリース

SQLite Integration version 1.6 was released, and updated to 1.6.1.

For SQLite Integration 1.6, these changes were applied.

  1. WordPress3.9 installation and compatibility are tested.
  2. Fixed the bug for the incorrect paging information in some queries.
  3. Fixed the bug for the backtick removal in comments.
  4. Feature to download the backup database file is enabled.
  5. Changed the readme.txt
  6. Augmented the list of compatible plugins ( Thanks to Alex Armeda ).
  7. Some functions disabled in wp-db.php are enabled.
  8. Augmented the user defined functions for more compatible plugins.

For 1.6.1, these changes were applied.

  1. Fixed the bugs for using with WP Slimstat plugin.
  2. Display admin notice when not replacing the old db.php with the new one (if necessary).
  3. Added the new utility for updating db.php file.
  4. Fixed the Japanese translation catalog.
  5. Fixed some minor bugs.
  6. Fixed the typos in readme.txt.

This update mainly targets for WordPress 3.9 compatibility. But it also includes some bug fixes.

Alex Armeda gave me the plugin compatibility list. I merged it to the archive. I appreciate the contribution from him and his team. He gave me some other useful suggestions, which I couldn’t implement yet.

Mr/Ms Duong reported some constants in wp-config.php doesn’t have effect in Support Forum. I included some of his suggestions like below, though he/she hasn’t answered my response yet.

constant effect
DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT If set ‘true’, db.php editing is disabled.
DISALLOW_FILE_MODS If set ‘true’, db.php editing is disabled.
WP_PLUGIN_URL If set, stylesheet and JavaScript in the dashboard was disabled. This is fixed. Notice that if you want to set this constant, you must also set WP_PLUGIN_DIR at the same time.
WP_PLUGIN_DIR Work as you expected.

Mr/Ms steadybright reported in Support Forum that WP Slimstat doesn’t work with this plugin. I added some features to enable you to use WP Slimstat, although some of the features, e.g. database information, don’t work. You will be able to install and activate that plugin, I guess. To use the plugin, however, you’ll need some hacks to the plugin code, see the forum thread above. The author of WP Slimstat (camu) accepted my suggestion, so you won’t need hacks on the code in the next release. I appreciate camu’s generosity and steadybright’s suggestion.

When you notice malfunctioning or bug, I’ll appreciate receiving your reports or suggestions by the comment in this site or posting to the support forum. Thank you.

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