SQLite Integration 1.5 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.5 リリース

SQLite Integration version 1.5 was released.

  1. WordPress3.8 installation and compatibility are tested.
  2. Changed the admin panel style sheet to fit the new responsive Admin panel.
  3. Added the code to check if the SQLite’s compile option about UPDATE or DELETE with LIMIT is enabled or not.
  4. Added the functionality to change the database between SQLite and MySQL.

Some of the users reported that they succeeded in installing WordPress3.8 with an older version (thanks for reporting), I checked myself if the latest version of WordPress works fine. I found no problems about installing or upgrading.

And I also checked out the 3.9 alpha version from the subversion repository. The alpha version doesn’t use PHP mysqli library nor PDO library but still use mysql library with the suppressing of E_DEPRECATED error reporting. This means that the next version of WordPress will continue to use the same database access method and you can use SQLite Integration without radical changes.

Admin panel of WordPress3.8 is changed to a new responsive design. It has included the former MP6 plugin developed separately. I don’t know if users want to see their database status with a mobile device or not, but I changed the style sheet to fit for it as much as I could. You can also select one of the eight color schemes on your profile panel. I add some stylesheet to use the same color that you select, though a little reluctantly. 🙂

The new version of the plugin checks if your SQLite library is compiled with the option ‘ENABLE_UPDATE_DELETE_LIMIT’. If it is, the plugin will not rewrite the UPDATE or DELETE with LIMIT query. Seeing the WordPress plugin forum, there’re more and more bloggers come to use PHP 5.4 or 5.5, which means their SQLite library is upgraded and the plugin has more chances to be able to use multiple values clause and UPDATE or DELETE with LIMIT clause. If this is the case, the database manipulation will be a little safer and faster.

I’ve got the comment from Mr/Ms naillik who wants to change the database with the directive in wp-config.php. I included this functionality in the current version of the plugin. If you want to use MySQL, add the next line in your wp-config.php (of course with correct MySQL settings).

This enables you to change the database from SQLite to MySQL. WordPress installation process will run for the first time, so you’ve got to install with MySQL. But notice that the post data or other environments settings are not migrated from one database to another. And most of the patched plugins require SQLite Integration. If you want to use SQLite again, change "true" to "false" or just delete that line. Try if you like, though I give no warranty at all as usual.

I added a few lines for some of the files to check if they are called from WordPress or not. In fact, even if they are called outside your site, they can do nothing to harm your site. But crackers are accessing the vulnerable (nonexistent) plugins’ directory, targeting the vulnerable (nonexistent) php files. This site is not an exception and has illegal GET or POST access every day. It’s really annoying like a Pascal’s fly. This is only to "shew the fly the way out of the fly-bottle"(L. Wittgenstein).

I’d like to express my thanks for Mr. Alex Almeda, who has given me some hints about the plugin.

When you notice malfunctioning or bug, I’ll appreciate receiving your reports or suggestions by the comment in this site or posting to the support forum. Thank you.

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