SQLite Integration 1.4 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.4 リリース

SQLite Integration was updated to the version 1.4.

  1. Added the database utility to fix the database caused by upgrading WordPress 3.5.x to 3.6.
  2. Fixed the bugs of ALTER TABLE query.
  3. Changed the manipulation of SHOW INDEX with WHERE clause.

When you insatalled WordPress 3.5.x with this plugin and updated to WordPress 3.6, upgrading was not well finished and there’re some columns that lost default values property. Ordinary usage of the database shows no mulfunction or error messages, but some plugins depending the default value of the column will cause the problem. The bug report of the support forum gave me a clue about this problem.

You’ve got to access your database to fix this problem, but it’s a little difficult to do the job. SQLiteManager distributed as a utility for manipulating SQLite databases can’t change the property of the column. It doesn’t behave as you expected and seems to be a bug, I guess. SQLite Manager, a Firefox Addon, doesn’t seem to do this job. So I added the new page on the admin dashboard and let the users do the fixing database job by clicking the buttons. If above is your case, please be sure to visit the dashboard and do this job.

If you are using WordPress 3.5.x or install a new WordPress 3.6, you don’t have to do this job.

I changed some codes for other plugins to work fine.

Just after I committed the version 1.4, WordPress is upgrade to 3.6.1 (!). I did try upgrading it without problem. This table shows the conbinations of S(QLite) I(ntegration) with W(ord)P(ress) and if the above fix is necessary or not. Version 1.3 means 1.3 or lesser.

SI WP Current => WP Updated Fixing job
1.3 3.5.x => 3.6 Need updating to 1.4 and fixing
1.3 3.5.x => 3.6.1 Need updating to 1.4 and fixing
1.3 3.6 => 3.6.1 Not necessary; upgrading to 1.4 is recommended
1.4 3.5.x => 3.6 Not necessary
1.4 3.5.x => 3.6.1 Not necessary
1.4 3.6 => 3.6.1 Not necessary

Further more, if you are using MP6 plugin, selected dashboard menu is displayed indented. I’ll fix it at next release. If you fix it right away, please download a development version from http://wordpress.org/plugins/sqlite-integration/developers/ and replace three files below.

  • styles/doc.css
  • styles/style.css
  • utilities/documentation.php

When you notice mulfunctioning or bug, I’ll be glad to receive your report by the comment in this site or posting to the support forum. Thank you.

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