SQLite Integration 1.3 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.3 リリース

SQLite Integration was updated to the version 1.3.

  1. Added the database backup utility.
  2. Changed the dashboard style to match MP6 plugin.
  3. Fixed the alter table query manipulation.
  4. Added the support for BETWEEN function of MySQL.
  5. Modified the definition of _rewrite_field_types() in query_create.class.php.
  6. Changed the error message manipulation.
  7. Changed the regular expression to remove all the index hints from the query string.

SQLite is really a file in the disk file system. So you can only backup your database by creating a copy of that file; you don’t have to export or import data like a database server system. The backup utility creates the current snapshot of your database file as the zipped archive if your PHP has zip extension or as the plain copy if it doesn’t. The snapshot is put in the same directory that your database file is in.

The experimental WordPress UI is developed with a plugin called MP6(*1). I changed the styles of SQLite Integration to fit that design. If you don’t like it, removing sqlite-integration/styles/ directory will make your dashboard look like WordPress default style.

  1. This page reads: "This plugin is a secret; don’t tell anybody about it.". This seems to be a joke. Ms. Takano Naoko from Automattic Inc. wrote an introduction article about this plugin, see New dashboard design developed by WordPress UI team: What’s it like, "MP6" plugin?(in Japanese).

ALTER TABLE CHANGE COLUMN query didn’t work properly so that the WordPress function dbDelta() didn’t work as you intended when upgrading the database. This is fixed.

BETWEEN function is added and _rewrite_field_types() function is changed for NewStatPress plugin to work, though this plugin needs rewriting a little. See also Plugins for a patch file.

When installing, we couldn’t use the language catalog until the function __() is loaded. So if you have a problem while installing, the very install process will stop. I changed it so that the error messages are only put out in English.

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