SQLite Integration 1.2 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.2 リリース

I updated SQLite Integration to 1.2. Below is the changes.

  1. When you upload a patch file to the server, you’ll get unknown variable error on the dashboard.
  2. When you use Windows machine, you can’t remove the uploaded patch file(s).
  3. Fails in rewriting the query string with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE when it is multi line query.
  4. Other minor changes.

The first one is from the use of the global variable without global declaration.

The second is from the use of rm command on the Windows machine, which only has del or erase command but no rm. I changed the function to use PHP unlink that works both UNIX server and Windows server.

The third is from the use of the PHP regular expression. I found this when I try to use WP Emmet that uses the multi line query with ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE. I changed the regular expression, but I can’t sure this is 100% safe. If you have a problem, please let me know.

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