SQLite Integration 1.1 released

Japanese version is available in SQLite Integration 1.1 リリース

I updated SQLite Integration. One of the users posted an error report to the support forum and I looked into it.

The cause was this: FeedWordPress plugin adds a function to shutdown hook, and when the script finishes executing, that function is called. SQLite Integration adds destruct() function to the same hook, which causes the database connection is terminated everytime a page is loaded. I fixed this problem.

While I was reading the codes of FeedWordPress plugin, I found this plugin create and drop index to a table. I came across an idea long forgotten that there is a difference about DROP INDEX query between MySQL and SQLite. Reviewing my plugin, I noticed the query for MySQL is not rewritten and passed as is to SQLite. I also fixed this procedure. The document of FeedWordPress says this index will make faster the behaviour of this plugin, but probably you’ll never have such an effect, I’m afraid.

Further reading of the codes showed me that this plugin uses LOCATE() function in the query, about which I added a user defined function.

The last two are rather minor problems. But the first is more important a matter, so I recommend you to update your plugin right away.

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