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«une image»は、仕事をするために使うつもりで個人サイトとして作り始めたものです。ときどき、手助けをしてくれる人が現れたりするので、«une image»というグループ名をつけてあります。トップページのイラストは、そういった一人に、「バカっぽい絵を描いてくれ」と依頼したら描いてくれたものです。 🙂




プログラミング言語については、C、C#、Visual Basic、JavaScript、Java、PHP、Perlが使えます。ScalaとPythonを勉強中です。

グループの正式名称«Une image est une image»は、J-L Godardの映画のタイトル«Une femme est une femme»から取りました。

小島登志泰(charlus): グループ代表

«une image» was begun for my job as a freelancer. Sometimes one person or two help me with the job. So I named the group «une image». The image on the top page was painted by one of them as I asked her to paint a picture of a stupid kind. 🙂

I mostly create websites and give the contents management cosultancy, which you may not believe. If you want someone to do some job, please contact me on the contact page.

I often use "free software" so to speak, and I’d like to feedback the results to the community. I began to create this site with WordPress, but unfortunately the SQLite support was very unsatisfactory, which drove me to create a new plugin and distribute it. Nevertheless, I use not only WordPress but also Drupal or Joomla! I’ve got no chance to use the latter two. For now, there are more articles about WordPress than other topics. I’d like to publish more about other topics if I have enough time.

I’d also like to contribute the translations, which I make for my customers’ convenience. When I translate some documents, I try to contact the author and ask him/her to include them in their softwares. But for the lack of contact or because of the beta version or for some other reason, I may distribute the translations on this site. If you want a translator, please contact me on the contact page, too. I use Japanese, English and French, but less German and no others.

As for programming languages, I use C, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Java, PHP and Perl. I’m studying Scala and Python.

The long name of the group «Une image est une image» is derived from the motion picture «Une femme est une femme» directed by J-L Godard.

Kojima Toshiyasu(charlus): Group Lead